Sandee Mendelson, BSN, RN, CPEN

Transformational Coach & Speaker

Welcome! I am Sandee Mendelson, a transformational coach for nurses. I specialize in pediatric emergency trauma nursing, and have worked in emergency departments for over 18 years. Through first-hand knowledge, I understand how nursing environments can produce high levels of stress. I also know the mental and physical impacts of untreated stress. My primary focus is to raise awareness around the challenges nurses face mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I know what it’s like to silently suffer.


I became a workaholic. I would pull 7-9, twelve-hour night shifts in a row! There were many tears shed before work in the shower during those extended shifts. I was obsessed with working longer and harder. I lacked work/life balance, and I did not know how to take personal time to recharge.

As a nurse, I found it difficult to ask for help. It was something that I struggled with, and eventually I found myself spiraling downwards. I always felt alone until I experienced a pivotal moment. When I was at my most vulnerable point in life, I was presented with the greatest opportunity to turn my life around…

I heard a message that led me to a path of self-transformation through self-exploration while discovering a deeper meaning to life. I changed my outlook on everything. I chose to face each hardship head on, and I started to find gratitude every day in even the littlest things.

My mission is to teach nurses how to cultivate compassion for THEIR lives and teach them how to establish work/life balance, eliminate financial hardship, and achieve their personal goals. Whether it’s personal growth, wellness, and/or financial stability, I can help you become more organized and revitalize your sense of self. It is time to move beyond your fears of the unknown towards your untapped potential.

Talk to you soon!

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